The Quickest Emergency Garage Door Repair Service Around

Your garage door is one of the most important parts of your home. You use it multiple times every day, so when it’s not functioning correctly it can cause a major inconvenience. A malfunctioning garage door can also be dangerous depending on what is causing the problem. In many cases you can’t wait around for a company to find the time to make it to your home to finally take a look at your garage door. You need it fixed and you need it fixed now! If you are looking for emergency garage door repair in Portland, Oregon call Portland Garage Doors today for the fastest service around. In most cases, if you require emergency door repair we can fix your door within the same business day. There are many reasons you may need emergency door replacement or repair. Here are just a few:

Accidental Collision

No one likes to admit it but accidental collisions with garage doors happen all the time. In many cases homeowners forget to open the garage door or their garage door opener doesn’t work and they think it did. Without realizing it they back into their garage door with it fully closed. Often when this happens the door is so damaged that it is no longer functional. The worst part of all is now your vehicle cannot leave your garage. This is a great opportunity emergency door replacement. Without access to your vehicle you can’t get to work, so you need a trusted company to come fix or replace your garage door fast. We will make sure you don’t miss any more work than you have to, and get you out of your garage in no time.

Broken Door Springs

If the springs in your garage door break, your door will not be able to open and close properly. Not only is this dangerous, if you have an extremely heavy garage door you may not be able to open it on your own. Not being able to get in or out of your garage is not an option for most people. Garage door emergency repair maybe your only option in this scenario. All you have to do is give Portland Garage Doors a call and we’ll be there fast!

Malfunctioning Door Opener

Your garage door opener could be malfunctioning for a number of reasons. You can’t waste any time trying to trouble shoot the problems yourself if it means not being able to access your garage in the meantime. If you need emergency door service for your garage door opener, our experienced technicians will be there right away.

These are just a few of the reasons you might need emergency door repair. Whatever situation you are in, call Portland Garage Doors today to find out how we can assist you with your emergency garage door service problem. Don’t miss any more work than you have to, we can assess your garage door and find a solution faster than anyone else around. Let us help you get back into (or out of) your garage now!